scrap any car for the best price

With plenty of scrap car companies today, it is easy to get rid of used cars. There are many websites offering a “scrap my car comparison” feature so you could get the best value. There are a lot of legit websites that can help you scrap your car. But, some unscrupulous folks take advantage of innocent sellers. Knowing what scams are out there will help you avoid them.

Buying without viewing

Put your guard up when someone wants to buy your car without asking to see it. Buying a car and getting into an accident on purpose is common. The buyer will make you pay for something that is not your fault. Others damage the car and claim the damage was there when they bought it and will ask you for money. Avoid it by including faults with the vehicle when you post your advert online. Take photos of the vehicle as proof of its condition.

scrap any car for the best price

Online payment

Fraudsters usually claim they would pay using online methods, such as PayPal. They fool buyers into believing they work for a large, well-known company. They ask very legitimate questions about the car to avoid suspicion. They will provide a fake receipt that looks like a genuine email from the online payment company. It is almost impossible to distinguish it as a fake. In reality, they have not sent any money. They will claim the online payment service provider is holding the money until you ship the car. Make sure the money is already in your bank account before shipping it out.

Undervaluing the car

Scammers sometimes bring an expert to check the car. They will both convince you the car is worth less than what you are asking for because the car needs some repairs. Know the value of the car beforehand. Let an expert check it for you and know how much others are offering for the same model.