Types of Cardiologists

In this world, there are many types of doctors like a heart surgeon, physiotherapist, etc. whenever people fall sick or feel uneasy, the first thing they do is to visit their family doctor. After the initial checkup by their doctor, they are then prescribed to visit the specialists according to their condition. The people who are having some issues with their heart or have some kind of family history related to heart diseases are referred to visit heart specialists that are cardiologists. Different kinds of heart diseases are taken care of by different kinds of heart doctors based on their specialty.

The Heart is the utmost important part of the body, and to take care of it there are different kinds of doctors who deal with different heart problems concerning the rhythm of the heart, the muscles, and the circulatory system to which the heart is connected.

Here is the information about the different kind of cardiologists and their specialty:

  1. General cardiologist: when a patient is referred to visit a cardiologist the first one to visit is a general cardiologist. He is a basic heart doctor who performs certain basic heart-related tests which includes monitoring the overall heart health and treating some basic problems. But for the severe issues, he refers the patient to the cardiologist of the next level that is an interventional cardiologist.
  2. Interventional cardiologist: a general cardiologist treats the basic heart problems but an interventional cardiologist treats some more specific and severe heart problems like diseases of the heart valves, peripheral vascular disease, and coronary artery disease. This kind of cardiologist performs a common procedure which is known as angioplasty. In this procedure, a balloon is inserted into the artery of the patient as it helps the blood flow to reach the heart.
  3. Electro physiologist: the way a heart beats is best known by these kinds of heart doctors. The main function of the heart is to pump the blood so that it can reach every part of the body and for this function to be performed properly, the heart has to beat properly. Electrophysiologists perform certain tests and surgeries to help the heart to beat properly.
  4. Pediatric cardiologist: they are the child heart specialists. When a baby is born, pediatric cardiologists make a quick check on them and make sure that the baby’s heart is doing fine and if it is not healthy, they must make it healthy. They perform some in-office tests and confirms that everything will be fine when the baby will grow into an adult.

There are many more types of cardiologists in the Cardiovascular center in Central Maryland  which are specialized in performing surgeries and operations related to the heart and do things like repairing the valves and clearing out the arteries. To perform basic tests on the heart there is a regular cardiologist, which will then refer the patient to the specific specialist after analyzing the result of the test. There are also many kinds of heart doctors who can monitor the heart and treat various heart conditions based on their monitoring.


It is always best to not fall sick, but if you become sick anyhow and have some kind of heart disease make sure you go to the right type of cardiologist and get the best treatment so that you can be healthy again. Always remember to follow the doctor’s instructions and go on the diet preferred by the doctor and live a healthy life.