How to Find a Lasik Eye Institute

LASIK Eye Institute

Going through Lasik is an important decision in your life, so it is important to find the best center and surgeon for you. Here are some key criteria you can apply when conducting this vital search at the Lasik Eye Institute.

The first factor is cost

It should be available to you. Lasik is no longer the only province of the rich, but prices vary widely. And more expensive does not necessarily mean better. However, you should not choose a facility based solely on price. The best advice is to choose the best you can afford. Otherwise, you might consider putting off Lasik. Also make sure this quote covers everything, including any necessary improvements and follow-up checks. Don’t be fooled by ads promoting “cheap” Lasiks. Remember, your vision is at stake.


The next factor to consider is the reputation of the center and the physicians that comprise it. Again, don’t pay too much attention to the ads. Unfortunately, there is no single organization that evaluates Lasik surgeons. All you need to do is visit a convenient center for you and find out from surgeons about the frequency of complications. If they don’t want to tell you, it’s a red flag. For the best doctors, this figure is less than 0.5%.

Lasik Eye Surgery


Lasik is a simple and quick procedure, but it requires special techniques that only a specialist can do. One of the best ways to find a doctor is through referrals from other doctors or patients who have been treated with Lasic. It is difficult to give exact numbers, but try to find a surgeon who has performed at least 5,000 Lasik surgeries and has at least three years of experience. You must also have experience with the latest technology.

FDA approved

Lasik technology is constantly evolving and it is important to find a center that stays on the cutting edge. Make sure the center is using an FDA approved laser and is offered by Interlase such as Interlase, also known as Bladeless Lasik, uses a laser instead of a microkeratome knife to cut the flap in the cornea. This is now standard procedure.