Best Tamil Thriller Movie on Aha

Best Tamil Thriller Movie on Aha

Aha is easily one of the leading OTT platforms where you can find many Tamil and Telugu movies to watch online during your spare time. If you like to watch the best Tamil thriller movies, you can opt to watch Ayngaran. This is a good Tamil thriller movie that revolves around the life of a young mechanical engineer.

This is a film that stars G.V. Prakash Kumar, Mahima Nambiar, Siddhartha Shankar and many more in important roles. The director of this unique film is Ravi Arasu, and was considered one of the most anticipated Kollywood projects. In this guide, you will learn more about the film’s story and how it is.

Story of Ayngaran

This is the story of a uniquely talented young mechanical engineer who faces constant rejection for his various scientific inventions. He looks to rescue the life of his little child from a borewell, and he later comes to know what happened to his child is not an accident. He learns that some dangerous criminals are behind this act, and he looks to find out if his father is under the custody of those criminals. Watch the movie to know if he is successful in his endeavours.


This is one of the best Tamil thriller movies you can watch, and Ayngaran is a film directed by Ravi Arasu. The movie streamed online after it was released a month ago and is a film that leaves an important message towards the end. Compared to similar projects in the past, this film touches on a particular topic and does not preach a lot.

The film revolves around a mechanical engineer Mathi (G.V. Prakash), who gets disappointed that his unique innovations looking to help people are constantly getting rejected. He is seen as the only hope of this father, who is unhappy about her husband not getting a promotion despite working as a police constable for years.

Later, Mathi is seen picking a fight with a huge businessman who owns a poultry farm after knowing that he uses dangerous drugs in meat. Watch this Tamil movie to know what happens later between them. Though the film was completed some years ago, there are many scenes that have impressed the viewers, and the way the screenplay is narrated is awesome.

Watch Ayngaran On Aha

Ayngaran is one of the best movies online that you can opt to watch on Aha’s OTT platform. This is a unique thriller movie you can enjoy alone or with your friends and family.