How to Recognize If You Have Lice?

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Lice are contagious parasitic insects that live on humans. Although lice do not transmit disease, they can be irritating and inconvenient to have. Lice have been around since the dawn of time; while some variants can thrive on other body areas, the most common type gets found in head hair. Head lice feed on the blood of a person’s scalp, which causes itching.

Lice can infect anyone, but they are more common in preschoolers and elementary school students. So, if you have lice, use lice removal Virginia Beach, VA. Their lice treatment and nit removal service is all-natural and guaranteed to leave you lice-free.

Here are some of the most prevalent indicators that you may have head lice:


Itching is a common indication of an allergic reaction to louse saliva or feces and can get felt on the scalp, neck, or ears. Itching may not appear until two to six weeks after the outbreak begins for people dealing with their first infestation. If you have the itchiness of lice, you should get lice removal Virginia Beach, VA.

lice removal Virginia Beach, VA

Trouble Sleeping

Because lice are more active in the dark, those who have infestation may have trouble sleeping.

Sores or Red Bumps

The infestation gets accompanied by a rash that causes them to scratch excessively for some people. Swollen lymph nodes, sensitive skin, and oozing sores can be signs of a bacterial infection.

Visible Nits

Look for oval-shaped nits the size of a grain of sand adhering to the hair shaft’s base, closest to the scalp. Nits might appear to be the same color as the hair they live in, making them difficult to detect.

Visible Nymphs or Lice

Both nymphs and mature head lice are small, around the size of a pinhead and a sesame seed. They are most commonly found on the head, around the ears, and at the base of the neck.