Overview of the lawn aeration and how it is helpful

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To keep their lawns healthy and green, most people aerate their lawn at least once per year. The process of lawn aeration is also confusing to many people. The first-time customers of lawn maintenance services should be extra cautious. Below is a brief overview of the process and how it may benefit your lawn.

About lawn aeration

There are several ways to aerate your lawn; all of them achieve the same goal. Small pieces of soil are removed during core aeration near me. Although there are several types of mechanical aerators available, a manual aerator is the most common. An aerator will also take 1/2-inch cores from your lawn and leave them there. The holes will generally be several inches apart and six inches deep. Aeration, in its simplest form, is the process of allowing air to enter into the soil of the lawn. It is commonly used when there is a lot of compacting or a lot of foot traffic on the lawn.

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Purpose of aeration

The purpose of aeration is to give your lawn more space to breathe. When your lawn becomes compacted, it has less pore space. Pore space helps to keep the air in and water out of your lawn. Compacted lawns cannot receive enough air, water, and nutrients for their roots to grow and thrive. Poor grass growth results from this, leading to the death of your lawn.

The proper way to aerate lawn

To determine whether you should aerate your lawn, you can look for a few key indicators. In case the grass on your lawn is looking thin or heavily used, you should aerate it. Furthermore, if you have a thatch that is over half an inch thick or has high clay levels, you might also need to remove it.

Every lawn does not need to be aerated. Due to the natural cycle of freezing and thawing, as well as earthworm activity, the soil will remain loose. You should also not aerate your lawn in the first year if it has just been seeded/sown.

Remove at least six inch-deep segments of your lawn if you are unsure whether it needs core aeration near me. Inspect the roots of the grass. You should aerate your lawn if the roots grow just an inch or two deep because the soil is so compacted that it cannot grow deep. The lawn may need to be aerated depending on the depth and health of the roots.