How to Value a Commercial Property

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It is important to know how to value a commercial property when selling or trading the building. While there are a variety of formulas and methods for calculating the worth of real estate, this post will outline five basic steps for helping one determine a fair price for their property.

Step One: Determine the Market Value

The first step in determining your commercial’s true market value in shubhodeep prasanta das begins with locating comparable properties nearby. This process can be done by entering in broader geographical coordinates, like a zip code, or by more specific location, such as the street address.

Step Two: Analyze the Immediate Market

The next step of finding a comparable property is to understand the local real estate market. A commercial property may sell for more than similar properties nearby due to a variety of factors. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Location – The closer you are to a major city, or even in close proximity to one, you will see a higher price for your property due to increased demand.
  • Improvements – If you own a business, the more you invest in the building and surrounding infrastructure, the higher its value.
  • Zoning – The greater control over zoning rules a property owner has, the more price they can command.

Step Three: Determine Comparable

The third step of determining a commercial property’s market value is to identify similar properties that have sold in the past. This can be done by searching online databases or by connecting with local service providers to access real estate records.

Step Four: Evaluate Current Market Conditions

The fourth step in determining a commercial property’s worth is to evaluate current market conditions. This includes a look at current sales prices, demand, and competition.

Step Five: Contact Your Realtor or Broker

The final step of determining a commercial property’s value is to use the information gathered in steps two and four to reach out to your broker or the seller. This method will help narrow down the actual worth of your commercial property based on a number of market factors.


As you can see, determining a commercial property’s price begins with knowing how to value it. With the information provided in this post and more, determining a fair price for your building will be one less thing you have to worry about when selling or trading it.