Understanding The Process Of Car Shipping

auto shipping

Understanding the car shipping process will help you to make a better and informed choice and make sure a safe and smooth transition. Auto shipping mainly refers to transportation of cars from one place to another, generally by train, truck, or ship. This process involves various steps, right from with selecting the reliable Dreamline Logistics company that meets your budget and needs.

Get Ready for the Transport

Once you have chosen the best car shipping company, your next step will be to prepare your auto for transport. It involves cleaning the car, removing personal belongings, as well as taking pictures of existing damage. You might have to disable the car alarm and give spare keys to your shipping company. It is important to read and know the shipping contract prior to signing it.

Car Inspection

auto shipping

Once your car is ready for the transport, the company will assign driver who can pick up your auto on the specified time and date. The driver will also inspect your vehicle and complete the bill of lading that is the document that outlines your car condition before shipping. You may get the copy of bill of lading for the records.

Shipping to Final Destination

During the transport, your vehicle will be properly secured on the truck or train and then transported to your desired location. The shipping company can offer you with the updates on status of the car during transport. When the car reaches its final destination, the driver may inspect it again & complete another lading bill. You will have to inspect the car and make sure it is in a same condition as before. Suppose there is any kind of damage, you will have to file the claim you’re your shipping company.

Final Words

Understanding the complete process of auto shipping will help you to make the informed choice and ensure safe and smooth transition.