Essential Tips For Serving Pet Supplements


You know it can be a tough gig if you’re responsible for serving your pet supplements. But there are some simple tips to make it easier on yourself. Pet supplements are best suited by dissolving them in the pet’s food or water, but if your pet doesn’t eat or drink from their dishes, you can leave a small amount of the supplement hidden in their bedding. It would be best if you also tried to ensure that your pet’s supplements are always available even when you’re out of town — they’ll be more likely to take them—pet supplements tips.

  1. Fill the dish and grate.

If you’re serving Holistapet supplements in their dish, fill it right to the top with food or water, so there’s no room left for the supplement. Grate a little of the supplement onto their food or water to ensure they’re getting enough. If they don’t eat or drink from their dishes, scoop some of your dog’s kibble into their dish and mix it in with your dog’s regular dishes, so they have fiber to help move things along.

  1. Keep supplements hidden — but don’t hide them too well.

If you want to hide your pet’s supplements, don’t hide them too well. Try to keep them in a place you’re sure your dog will find but put them in a different place where they can be tempted to eat their regular food or drink water by mistake.

  1. Treats are worth a try — but avoid treats that contain meat by-products.

Treats for pets aren’t supposed to contain meat by-products, a part of a slaughtered animal that isn’t considered edible and isn’t fit for human consumption, like bone marrow or organs. If your vet sells you a quality supplement, you can use it as a treat. If not, skip the treat option and keep it hidden in or near its dish.

Holistapet pet supplements

  1. Make sure supplements are always available — but don’t overdo it.

Try to get your pet’s supplements on hand at all times, even if you’re not in the house. This is because they’ll be more likely to eat them if they’re always available. But make them more challenging for your pet so they’ll eat them all on their own. Give one serving per day of any supplement your veterinarian recommends.


Try to make your pet’s life as comfortable as possible. Take them for regular checkups, and don’t hesitate to ask a veterinarian for advice on the best ways to keep them healthy.