Finding the Right Indica Plants

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When searching for the cannabis strains or buying cannabis at the dispensary, you will notice strains are broken up in 3 distinct groups and they are indica flower, sativa & hybrid. Many people have used such types of weed as the touchstone to predict its effects; however what is the difference between all of them? Effects of the different weed strains generally depend on many different factors, however mainly on cannabinoids & terpenes in a strain, or chemical compounds present in it.

Identifying the Right Indica Plants

The indica cultivars are a bit smaller in the height compared to the sativa counterparts with the broad and dark-green leaves, as well as have the bushier appearance. The Indica plants are a bit popular among the home growers because of the high yields & shorter flowering time. They generally mature much faster than the sativa cultivars under the similar conditions, and producing flowers in just eight weeks.

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The fast flowering period happens because of biological need of reproducing & spreading the genes before arrival of the harsh winter conditions. The cultivars generally tend to have the different smell, maybe reflecting the different terpene profile.

Advantages of the Indica Strain

Cannabis indica plant generally tends to be very sturdy, short, and resilient. It is simple to grow & flowers earlier than the sativa counterpart. The low height of this plant makes it perfect for growing it indoors. One important benefit is it generally tends to have the higher yields. Suppose you are the first-time grower, and growing inside, you will fare well with these plants. The indica marijuana presents many benefits for medical & recreational user.

Characteristics of the Indica Weed

The primary sign of having an indica flower is short and wide leaves, which are the intense dark color & will be seen when plants are the palm’s width off its ground; the indica strains are normally recognized because of the color and leaves so you must instantly tell them apart.

Next important sign of know if you have the indica weed plants is when branches grow upwards & get stronger to balance buds weight on its tips when the plant starts flowering –in case they grew sideways instead of upwards then they would snap through middle because of having the buds on ends of its branches.


Life cycle of the Cannabis Indica, just like other Cannabis genus, can be divided in 2 distinct phases – one is vegetation and other is flowering –that are the reactions to various day-lengths.