Story of a great man shine in global marketing

Are you holding a business and looking for a possible chance to make the brand marketing then the first choice is to reach out to global marketing experts? Have you ever thought a man who worked at the ground level had become an expert and achieved a greater position in global marketing? Wondering! Just get to know a lot more about Alexei Orlovby continuing further.

Who is Alexei Orlov?

Alexei Orlov, the founder and CEO of MTM choice company which is now a worldwide boutique holding company. This company mainly works on global marketing and international business leadership that too with successive 20 years. The firm plantation has bases in four different locations New York, Los Angeles, London, and Milan. Alexei Orlov is proved to hold great leadership in global marketing as he achieved lots of success in his business way. Now the MTM choice is to rise to $50 million and servicing over 150 companies along with international clients.

Did he achieve it in a single day?

When it is said about the success it never comes in a single day Alexei Orlov’s business life is the best example for this. Initially, he started his leadership in the church and got a spark to know about the leadership responsibility in the business. That’s where he started his business journey here is the chart of his job roles and years of work are listed below.

Alexi Orlov activation towards his career

  • Marketing Director in Avon Products – 4 years
  • Marketing Director and Chairman Brand Communications in Volvo Cars Group – 3 Years
  • Executive Vice Chairman in Wunderman Thompson – 8 years
  • Senior Partner, global clients in Partnership – 2 years
  • Chief marketing officer in Volkswagen Group – 3 years

Being the chief marketing officer in Volkswagen he also is a global leader advisor for the CEO and chairman of das international company which is one of the leading global brand marketing. He has been a senior advisor he worked for a year then he got pursuit to be an entrepreneur and got challenged himself with his own market branding company.

Alexei words of success: 

Being an expert in global marketing and operational change his success words “Wisdom means sometimes throwing our knowledge away.” This has been the main motto for his company build where he gives training and coaches the leadership team of a company to have an operational change and explore brand expanding marketing strategies. His works still run successive mainly because of his creative way of thinking and restless hard work!