What Makes a Perfect Massage

Perfect Massage

With so many massage services available across the country, how do you know what makes massage enjoyable? Is it the therapist himself, is it a type of massage, is it the duration of the massage? In a sense, all of these together help define a good massage. But what makes massage the best?

Factors listed below to help you the next time you want to schedule your treatment.

Now that your massage has been booked and you’ve arrived at the treatment center, what constitutes good service? Part of the treatment should always include a consultation so that the massage therapist can establish why you are here, what your needs are, and, most importantly, be able to talk to you about your treatment options. You may need a series of treatments, and this is something that needs to be decided in the first session, so you know what to expect, for example, in terms of recovery time in the event of an injury.

fasciablaster massage

Once all of this is done, it’s time to start your most important fasciablaster massage. “The best massage” is a combination of how adequately the therapist applies pressure and the chosen technique and his communication with you during treatment.

Another part of what can improve the real massage experience is the environment. It’s good to have a good masseuse, but is the treatment bed comfortable? Is the appropriate relaxing music playing in the background? It is known that music can contribute to relaxation and, thus, the enjoyment of treatment. Different people have different preferences for the music they perform, so it’s best to stick to soft and neutral instrumental melodies.

The last part of the massage is the care you receive after completing the massage. A good therapist will advise you on what to do after the procedure, including what to do or what to avoid, such as showering immediately afterward so that the oils used during the treatment continue to be absorbed. Some therapists will, of course, try to sell their products to you, and you mustn’t be forced to buy products that are not of significant benefit to your condition.


Hopefully, the tips above on what makes massage the best provide useful information to help you choose a therapist. Remember, there is nothing wrong with asking questions about their qualifications and credentials or the different types of massage on offer. You are a customer and are entitled to the best deal and ask as many questions as you need!