Benefits of Vaping That You Can Enjoy

The Extreme vaporizer mechanism requires hot air to reach the pouch / balloon through the glass container or through the supplied whip / hose. The temperature setting plays an important role in the vaporizer and is simplified thanks to the LCD display. To speed up the process, there is a three-speed fan. Due to its length, the whip offers a nice, cool, soft impact experience. You can even enjoy hitting with the remote control. As for the balloon, it’s also amazing because you can inflate it to make a stroke at your own discretion. Only after use can it be understood that the Extreme Vaporizer represents the true price-performance ratio.

When it comes to features, the Extreme Vaporizer is unrivaled. The price is so lucrative that everyone will want to try this machine.

  • LCD screen
  • Glass sphere
  • Remote control
  • balloon or whip

This vaporizer has an LCD screen that is wonderful for the on-screen exuberance. In this screen you will find the temperature display, both the set temperature and the actual temperature. There’s the timer and the fan speed. The most interesting thing is that you can enjoy the optional function of Celsius and Fahrenheit.

There is no reason to be dissatisfied here. The quality of the glass used corresponds to the universal standard. Borosilicate glass is used. This glass is known for its hardness. For better evaporation, it is necessary that the heat is evenly distributed in the herb. And that makes the bowl perfect, which because of its size is ideal for you. Not to mention the taste! Or it will be great thanks to the ceramic heater.

It’s the only vaporizer that comes with a remote control. This makes it more refined and luxurious as you can sit quietly and enjoy the blows of the grass and even share it with others. When away from the vaporizer, you can control the temperature, fan speed and timer. It also has 9 preset temperature settings!

The Extreme V-Tower vaporizer is good enough to fill balloons very easily by sitting down with your whip. Once the balloon is full, the vapor can be easily absorbed and shared with others if desired. The best thing is that it is made of a sanitary tube to provide a better experience.

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