The Simplest and Most Effective Lice Treatment

Finding the Right Lice Treatment

Head lice infestation is a frequent concern among parents, especially when college time begins. Even though it is not a severe health issue, it is an embarrassing and unattractive ordeal, making children and even adults succumb to continuous head-scratching. Thus, a head lice case should be controlled at the initial infestation signs to stop it from worsening or dispersing to other household members. If a person within the household or the classroom is complaining of an itchy scalp and is lice removal fort worth continually scratching it, start looking for live adult lice. If a crawling critter is spotted, the infestation is inevitable, and head lice treatment should be started immediately.

There are lots of head lice removal fort worth readily available in the marketplace nowadays. Shampoos or hair lotions with chemicals or pesticides are often recommended by doctors and hair specialists as primary treatments, particularly for severe or persistent illness. Some of the most common pediculicides used as active ingredients in head lice shampoos and lotions are organochlorines (lindane), organophosphates (malathion), pyrethrin’s (pyrethrum), and pyrethroids (bio allethrin, phenothrin, permethrin), together with the first two being the only FDA-approved therapy agents. Since many individuals have been getting increasingly worried over the exposure of children to such compounds or pesticides, it’s recommended to use them only when live lice are spotted, and just as indicated.

Natural head lice treatments

Natural head lice treatments and home remedies are preferred by most people today as they are inexpensive, organic, and free from potentially harmful chemicals. Natural remedies are typically obtained from plant extracts like tea tree oil, neem oil, olive oil, and coconut oil-which are effective either due to their organic insecticidal properties of lubricating capacities for easier lice elimination using lice and nit combs.

Home remedies, as the term suggests, typically involve substances that are offered at home, such as mayonnaise, oil jelly, vinegar, vinyl bags, shower caps, even soaps, and hair dryers or irons. A frequent lice removal fort worth would be to smother the parasites with olive oil or petroleum jelly, cover the head with a plastic bag or shower cap and leave it overnight, then comb with a spoonful and wash the following day.