Simple ways to do background check

Background check has now become very common in all the companies. To check if the person is suitable to hire or not it is very essential to go for a back ground checks. There are many ways in which you can do the background check of a person, you can hire a background check company who can do the complete check and provide you the report else you can for free background check. In free background check only the basic information about a person. Let us see some ways how we can do the free background check.

What if your resource fails the background check

  • Before starting the background check for anyone it is better you get consent from the person for the checks to be done. This will make the check legal and later the person cannot claim that his privacy was invaded.
  • To find the common information about a person the search engine is the best way. You can get the basic details from the resume and you can search for the name of the person, residential address, last worked company, college name etc. The more you search, the more information you will be able to gather about the person.
  • Next you can do research on the all the social media platform. LinkedIn is the top professional social platform. From here you can get the information like employment history, about the person education and contact details. Facebook you can find the personal information about the person. You can do search using the email address, name or location. You can get information from facebook only if the account is set to public. It is private than you will not be able to do any search.
  • Instagram is another platform where you can check the person pictures which he has uploaded or was tagged in, but if account is set as private then you will not be able to get much information. You can also use the platform called twitter, here you can check on the entire tweet done by the person and find the persons opinions and area of interest.
  • With the above checks you will not be able to get legal information like arrest or court case etc. But you can get this information in the public records which are provided in the state official websites. You need to have lot of patients her as you might have to check each and every state website where the person has lived.


Hope this information will help you to do the background check by self, but it will be only the basic information.